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    If you’ve decided on a career in the exciting, fast-paced world of electronic manufacturing, you’ve already taken a crucial first step. But taking the next step may be even more challenging! Which of the many active companies in the sector should you join? It’s a decision that is likely to have a far-reaching effect on your career, so it’s essential to get it right. To make this a little easier, here are six reasons that demonstrate why joining Asteelflash is your best option.

    • Asteelflash has an excellent record of stability and consistent growth. Since it was founded in 1999 in Paris, France, Asteelflash has grown steadily and continuously to become a highly respected international leader in the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) sector. In a recent significant development, Asteelflash joined forces with USI, one of the world’s largest EMS providers. This move ensures that Asteelflash has the resources and stability to underpin innovation and strong growth well into the future.
    • Asteelflash has a positive workplace culture. The company actively fosters team spirit and encourages employee engagement at all levels. Employees’ ideas and insights are valued, considered, and, where appropriate, rewarded. While always expecting the highest standards and performance from its employees, Asteelflash is committed to creating a supportive and enjoyable working environment.
    • Asteelflash offers excellent opportunities for advancement. Training is an integral part of the Asteelflash corporate lifestyle. Employees are offered opportunities to enhance existing skills and to expand their skill set. When employment vacancies arise, Asteelflash naturally seeks the best-qualified candidates to fill them – but it always looks first for these candidates in-house, which means that existing employees frequently gain promotion.
    • Asteelflash is a truly global company. Asteelflash with USI operates across four continents: Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Because of this, employees often have opportunities to travel and work in new locations. This isn’t merely a social benefit; although knowledge of multiple cultures is beneficial to any career, it also provides exposure to the different techniques and technologies in use around the world, leading to valuable cross-fertilisation of ideas.
    • Asteelflash is at the cutting edge. Because of its size and because it is a supplier to some of the world’s most prestigious and progressive companies, Asteelflash is at the cutting edge of technology. This relates to the products it supplies and the equipment and methods used to make those products. At Asteelflash, you’ll work with the latest developments in electronics and also the latest developments in manufacturing.
    • Asteelflash depends on YOUR input. A vital part of the Asteelflash service is advising, guiding and supporting the company’s customers. As you progress in the company, you’ll play a central role in this – your ideas and insights will help shape how Asteelflash works with its customers to ensure that they get the best value and performance from the products it manufactures.

    join one of the most dynamic and fastest growing advanced manufacturing company in the world

    We've given you six reasons to join Asteelflash, and we could find many more. But in reality, they can all be summed up in just one perfect reason: Asteelflash is a great workplace! Contact us to learn more!



    Make a mark and contribute to bringing new products to life in a dynamic growing company: Join Asteelflash!

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