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    Vincent Suo, APAC IT Director since 2006 and based in Suzhou, China, was interviewed for this edition of “A Day in the life of”.


    Vincent Suo 1 (3)Before all, Vincent is the dad of two beautiful girls, and spending all of his spare time with them is what he values the most. He likes to take them on trips around the world, eat good food and listen to music creating beautiful family memories.

    Before joining Asteelflash, sixteen years ago, Vincent worked for an American Semi-Conductor company. He quickly directed himself to EMS companies that offer more to learn, with more complex IT systems and better career opportunities. Vincent joined Asteelflash in 2006 as an IT manager with 3 people to manage. Today his team is made of 20 people.

    One Day, one of his teachers told him “If you create your own business, this company will be your career. If you work for someone’s company, this company will also be your career.”. This sentence stuck with him since. The evolution of Asteelflash also represents the evolution of his own career and this is a real motivation for him, to always improve and give his best in his job and achievements.


    " Vincent joined Asteelflash in 2006 as an IT manager with 3 people to manage. Today his team is made of 20 people. "

    As an IT director, the most important task of the day is to do a complete check of the system efficiency. Another priority is to check, every morning without fail, what is going on in the other regions where Asteelflash operates. It is important to make sure the system keeps running safely and smoothly anywhere in the world. Being an IT director in Asia also means being connected with the other IT directors in Europe or the Americas. Vincent also works on understanding the different requests of the users, suppliers, and collaborators to be able to offer them the best and most professional recommendations for their needs. However, on the side of these main tasks, most of the time is spent solving problems. There are always some issues in the system and network that users won’t even see or won’t be affected by.

    Sometimes, sadly, bigger problems occur! Vincent remembers one time when the server room was completely flooded and the situation was very critical for the entire site. Thankfully, all the team worked together and proved their creativity with different ways to stop this flood! It lasted 30 minutes but thanks to everyone, there was very limited damage.


    Vincent Suo 2 (2)The IT department is one of the most important hubs of a company. Everybody relies on the IT system, it is really important to have reactive & efficient teams to solve the problems that can occur at any time. This is sometimes challenging to have a wide enough overview of the problems that occur and the one that can possibly appear later and to be prepared to face anything. This is why, every year, some training is organized for all the IT team to learn about new technologies and the actual IT environment.

    Working in the IT department is all about working as a team and this is the part of the job Vincent likes the most. They support each other a lot and the skills of each of them are welcome and needed. Working as a team is essential.
    Now, Vincent’s role expanded to USI EMS sites, he will also manage USI/KS and USI/SZ&HZ IT operations. We congratulate him on this new role!


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