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    Career choices are never trivial and are often life-changing, so choosing an employer that offers stability and security combined with outstanding opportunities for advancement, and development is important. Asteelflash, a global leader in electronic manufacturing services (EMS), offers all of this and more so, if you’re thinking about a career in the electronics sector, read on to discover why working for Asteelflash could be the best decision you’ve ever made.


    Who is Asteelflash?

    Asteelflash is a leading provider of electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and supply chain management solutions. The company was founded in 1999 in Paris, France, as Asteel and has grown consistently over the intervening years through expansion and the acquisition of other companies. A significant development occurred in 2008 when Asteel acquired Flash Electronics, an EMS business with facilities in California, USA and Suzhou, China. At this point, the company name became Asteelflash.

    In 2020, Asteelflash became part of USI (Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Limited), one of the world’s largest EMS providers with facilities and operations across the four continents of Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa. With the additional resources made available by its relationship with USI, Asteelflash continues to show strong growth and now has over 6,000 employees at 18 manufacturing locations worldwide.

    What does Asteelflash do?

    The EMS part of the operation produces electronic assemblies for its customers to use in their own products. For example, a manufacturer of home security equipment may need a video camera assembly to incorporate into a surveillance system, and Asteelflash would provide this as a ready-to-use module. The supply chain management part of the business sources components for use in electronic assemblies. This service is becoming increasingly important in this era of global shortages and rising prices.

    The services provided by Asteelflash go far beyond those that this simple description might suggest. The company works in partnership with its customers, providing them with expert advice on, for example, designing their products so that they can be manufactured cost-effectively and so that performance and reliability are optimised. With supply chain management, Asteelflash can often suggest alternatives for hard-to-find or costly components and help with any design changes needed to accommodate them. 

    In every situation, a key aspect of Asteelflash’s business is the ability to draw on its exceptional experience, expertise and global reach to support its customers. The company thinks globally but acts locally.


    What are the vision, mission and values of Asteelflash?

    Asteelflash has a clear vision: to be recognised by its existing and potential customers as the best EMS and supply chain management partner. The company’s mission is to achieve this vision by providing outstanding design, engineering and contract manufacturing services that are accurately and effectively tailored to customers’ needs, thereby increasing the customers’ competitiveness and enhancing the market perception of their products. Asteelflash is always observant of its corporate values in striving toward these goals. The company is honest, accountable and respectful. It is passionate about its business but humble and constantly seeking to learn.


    Why work for Asteelflash?

    If you choose to advance your career with Asteelflash, you’ll be working with a successful, expanding organisation that will offer you opportunities to extend your knowledge and expertise while working on a diverse range of challenging projects for customers worldwide. You’ll gain experience working collaboratively with customers and deploying the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques to deliver outstanding quality and value for money. A job with Asteelflash is the key that unlocks an exciting and rewarding future.



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