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    Over the last few days, the trucking situation in all major US airports has evolved to whereas the ground handling agents (airline warehouses) are severely congested and backlogged, it is resulting in extreme waiting times.
    As the industry tonnages continue to climb and the driver pool continues to decrease, the perfect storm has been created.
    The situation is expected to last until September/October when the government subsidy for unemployment will end.

    As these waiting times are, in some cases, exceeding the legal time drivers are allowed to stay in the truck, some truckers have suspended their services effective immediately until further notice.

    This is resulting in even fewer vendors to handle even more volumes and resulting in surges of prices across the US by the few providers who have not suspended their services yet.
    It is becoming an auction market to pick up or drop off freight against all other forwarders.

    Please be aware that there are service disruptions in all major US airports that might last for a while.

    All preventive / corrective actions are being taken with AFG freight carriers, but delays will occur and take place.

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