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    At this stage, the remaining work is significant. So, if you want to know the following steps after a PO is issued with Asteelflash, here are a few explanations.


    A dedicated contact for a close follow-up


    Asteelflash strives to give the best quality of service to its customers, that's why after the first PO is received, a dedicated project manager is assigned to the project.


    • The central role of the project manager for the Best Customer Experience

    At Asteelflash, the project manager is the leader of a project at the development stage. They are the pivot between the design center, production, and purchasing teams, they manage project resources. Attentive to the customers’ needs, they in direct relation with the customers and they are their main contact. To ease communication, the project manager speaks the same language as the customer. They support the customer from the beginning of the project to validation, qualification, and production launch.

    • The Degree of Expertise of Project Managers

    Each project manager is an experienced professional with a technical profile. At Asteelflash, project managers are usually trained in-house. In fact, before being autonomous they assist a senior project manager for one or two years.

    • At the Manufacturing Stage: Program Manager Engineer

    When the development stage is over, the project manager launches the manufacturing of the PCBA. They provide the “recipe” of the product to a program manager engineer who becomes the customer interface at the manufacturing stage.


    This person processes client requests, implementations, and evolution of the product. Because they are inside the manufacturing plant, the program manager engineer will manage the dedicated manufacturing team, make sure to respect deadlines, manage issues, etc ...


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    How does Asteelflash manage to respect the lead time?Lead time

    Asteelflash always ensures that lead times are respected. Concerning lead times, most of the work is made upstream, at the preparatory phase of choice of components and suppliers. If a component is not easy to procure, Asteelflash works closely with the customer to find alternative thanks to tools like Silicon expert used in obsolescence management.


    • Choosing the Best Quality Cost Delivery Ratio

    When a component is available from several suppliers, Asteelflash makes a fine analysis based on the best Quality Cost Delivery (QCD) ratio. This work is made upstream so that the project managers know how to properly manage the supply chain to ensure on-time delivery. Choosing the right suppliers is essential for Asteelflash to prevent bad surprises, defective parts or delays in components delivery.


    • The Follow-up

    To ensure the good progress of projects, managers make regular follow-ups, they track their team’s tasks so that the PCBA production starts within the time limits.



    Quality and defect management

    During the development of a product, the quality department of the future manufacturing site is integrated as soon as possible.


    • Before manufacturing : the quality requirements are defined precisely with the customer to identify the appropriate inspection tools and procedures to implement after manufacturing. This step is important to align goals between Asteelflash and the customer.


    • After Manufacturing : The “recipe” contains every parameter needed to build products. This also includes quality procedures and inspection tools. The compliance of each PCBA is therefore tested systematically to ensure that every piece is of good quality.



    To Conclude

    After a purchase order is placed with AsteelFlash, an experienced project manager is dedicated to the development of the product. They will do everything possible to choose the best components, improve the cost-time ratio and respect the lead times. At last, the PCBA will be manufactured under the supervision of the quality department that will ensure the product meets all standard requirements and respond to the customers' expectations.


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