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    For any business that incorporates electronic assemblies into its products, choosing the right EMS partner is a difficult and critical decision, even at the best of times. And in the electronics world, now is far from the best of times – the world shortage of components is causing serious and ongoing problems for all those involved in the sector. This makes choosing the right EMS partner more critical than ever, so why do we believe you should choose Asteelflash - USI?


    Proven expertise and satisfied customers are a good starting point and, if you’re interested, we can easily demonstrate these. But for now, let’s concentrate on the matter of the moment – the global component shortage – and how Asteelflash has responded to this so that the impact on its customers is minimised.



    Early component shortage planning

    As early as December 2020, within a few weeks of the component shortages becoming apparent, Asteelflash acted at corporate level, setting up a global escalation path so that shortages could be quickly identified and dealt with at the appropriate level within the organisation. The escalation path complements and supports Asteelflash’s strong local supply chain teams around the world as well as the company’s global supply chain team which coordinates the actions in individual countries

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    Key functions of the global team are to meet and negotiate with major suppliers to ensure the best possible continuity of supply and, in the case of severe shortages, to check stocks in all Asteelflash locations worldwide. Where appropriate, arrangements can then be made for components to be transferred between countries.


    Why choosing us as your partner and how we can deal with component shortages?



    Key relationships with distributors and manufacturers

    These measures are helping to make Asteelflash a uniquely strong EMS partner for the component shortage era, and they are further strengthened by the company’s recently forged links with USI. Asteelflash has long had excellent relationships with major component distributors in almost every country of the world, whereas USI has similarly strong relationships with key component manufacturers.




    In-house expertise to solve challenges

    As a result of the measures it has put in place and its wide ranging relationships with both component manufacturers and distributors, Asteelflash is successful in solving the vast majority of supply problems brought to it by its customers. And in those cases where no direct solution is possible, the company applies its expertise to work with customers on examining and implementing other options, such as modifying designs to accommodate alternative components with better availability than those originally specified.

    Of course, Asteelflash is not just an EMS partner for the component shortage era. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding service whatever the prevailing market conditions. 



    We’ll handle all your production requirements – as well as sourcing components, we’ll assemble your PCBs, supply enclosures and accessories like cables and connectors, build your products, test them, pack them and even, if you wish, ship them direct to your customers. We’ll provide fast, consistent service and our pricing is always exceptionally competitive. In short, Asteelflash is the EMS partner that will help your business to flourish now and in the future. For more information, book a meeting with one of our experts to find out more about dealing with the component supply crisis.


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